DPC Global Trends Men’s Fine Twisted Toyo Pith Helmet



100% Other Fibers Imported Hand Wash QUITE THE MODEL ?C Are you the very model of a modern major general? Are you off somewhere on a trek through the blazing heat? Whatever may be the reason for buying a mens pith helmet, make sure your choice is high-quality and effective at keeping you cool PITH & TOYO ?C This authentic pith helmet is true to its name, being made from Japanese toyo straw and pith. This hard safari hat also comes with a faux leather band and a faux leather sweatband to complete the look and feel of your toyo straw pith helmet LIGHTWEIGHT VENTILATION ?C Perfect as a mailman hat, this pith safari hat provides premium airflow, cooling you with air travelling under the brim up through the ventilating top. This makes the adult pith hat perfect for hiking and other outside activities HAND-WASHABLE ?C Like all Dorfman Pacific sun hats for men, this pith cover helmet is hand-washable. From its 2 ??? brim to its Velcro closure, this is a pith helmet hat men love because it goes where they go and comes back ready for the next adventure YOUR GLOBE, YOUR TREND ?C Global trends come and go, but some constants remain, like the durability of pith hats for men. The world??s full of adventures, from trekking through the Sahara to trekking through your garden. Bring a hat that??s right for the job


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