Dorfman Pacific Co Men’s Weathered Cotton Big Brim with Mesh



WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS ?C With this imported Dorfman Pacific big brim mesh hat, any adventure is possible. The 3?? brim on these Dorfman Pacific cotton hats for men ensures that the sun will stay out of your eyes and the heat will stay off your head. COTTON BLEND ?C Like many Dorfman Pacific mesh hats for men, this one is designed for comfort in rugged, outdoor environments. That??s why this Dorfman Pacific nylon mesh hat is made from 42% cotton, 38% polyester, and 20% nylon. MESH CROWN ?C This big male sunhat has a mesh sidewall and crown for full ventilation so your skin can breathe more easily on hot treks through jungles, up mountains, and around backyards. It??s not just a hat; it??s Dorfman Pacific headwear. HAND-WASHABLE ?C A trek can always kick up sand, sweat, and dirt, which is why you need a Dorfman Pacific mesh hat that comes hand-washable. A little dirt never stopped your trip before; don??t let it stop you now. DORFMAN QUALITY ?C Dorfman Pacific Co hats are known for their quality, and this mens weathered cotton hat is no exception. When the journey is rough and the weather is rougher, have a hat that holds up.


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